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Traveling the world? Living in another country? Making lifelong international friendships? Students and parents are invited to come to the information session where you will find out how you can study abroad affordably.

Our Programs

Long Term/Year Abroad

Ideal for students who want to learn another language and experience a full, immersive, study abroad opportunity. Students will attend a local school for a full academic year and live with host families, where they experience the people, culture, language, and everything their host country offers! 

Short Term/Summer Exchange

Ideal for students who have a spirit of adventure but are not able to spend a whole school year abroad. Organized as an exchange between two students in their respective countries, each student takes turns visiting the other country during the summer break.

Summer Camp

From sport camps to sailing tours, multi-museum tours to experiencing unique food cuisine, Summer Camp programs offer international opportunities and bring together students from multiple countries. Over 50 international summer camps are offered for students who want to make friends and international connections and experience traveling abroad.

Why Should I Become a Foreign Exchange Student?

Great question! Living and traveling abroad not only allows you to learn another language, but also helps you develop your international connections and credentials. Study Abroad is a gateway to a larger world; to live, to study, to experience and to understand more about the world.

To find out more about the Rotary Youth Exchange program for high school students to study abroad or when the information sessions are scheduled in your area, use the Contact Us form to be put in contact with a Rotary Youth Exchange Officer in your geographic area.

What Our Students Say


My Rotary youth exchange has been wonderful. I have become much more independent in all aspects of my life. I’ve made so many cherished memories and have met people from all around the world.”

– Giovanna Sanchez (2022-23, USA to Austria)


It was the best year of my life! It really changed me and the people I met were amazing. My exchange taught me not to give up. If you want something bad enough just keep trying. I am so grateful for what my host families did for me and taught me.”

– Margherita Nasi (2017-18, from Italy)


My exchange with Rotary was one of the most life altering experiences of my life. I acquired a new perspective on another culture, life, and language. I continue to draw on the experiences every day and the different life viewpoints.”

– Laurel Hermsmeyer (2019-20, USA to Chile)


Something that I’ve learned during that year is to enjoy the present, not to worry about the past or the future.

– Arthur Vieillevoye (2018-19, from Belgium)


Rotary Youth Exchange has made me appreciate all aspects of life so much. It opened the door to my passion for learning languages. Everything I have accomplished since my exchange would not have been possible without my year abroad!”

– Katie Jacobs-Bonnett (2017-18, USA to Spain)


Rotary Exchange was a life changing experience for me. I grew as a person. I became more independent and self-aware.

– Lena Slonina (2016-17, Poland)


Through my exchange, I became a more independent and resilient person, traits which have helped me well in school and life since. I look back fondly of my time in France and the connections and experiences I made.”

– Sebastian Sanchez (2019-20, USA to France)


I learned never to judge someone with an accent because at least it means they are learning a new language, which is super great!

– Peroline Rouillard (2014-15, from France)


Rotary youth exchange granted me the gift of perspective. Living fully immersed into another country and culture taught me gratitude for my own country and appreciation for others. It is an unforgettable, once in a lifetime experience.”

– Alex Ramirez (2010-11, USA to Ecuador)


The first thing I got out of the exchange is that the world is not such a big place.

– Jaime Bendala (2015-16, from Spain)


Being an exchange student puts you in so many different experiences…you kinda just have to roll with it. And that is what being an exchange student is, which was wonderful!”

– Anna Saviage (2016-17, USA to Spain)

Hosting a Student

Hosting a Rotary international foreign exchange student is a life-enhancing experience for your entire family. It’s a unique opportunity to get new perspectives, learn new customs, and share your own culture as well as your community with others. Most of all, you’ll build special friendships and connections with your exchange student that often last a lifetime.